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Funding a World T20 Betting Account

Funding your ICC World T20 betting account is quite simple. The fasted method is by using your debit card or credit card.  Skrill is an online banking method accepted by both of my Rupee-friendly sports betting sites.  Once you sign up for an account, Skrill India will verify your address with a letter including a confirmation number.  

This is for your own security as well as to prevent illegal money-laundering activity. Skrill is the most cost effective option as the fees to send money never exceed 1%  up to a maximum of Rs. 842.  Other similar services charge up to 5% to upload your money.  With Skrill India you can upload funds using your Indian Credit Card or Debit Card.

Best ICC World T20 Betting

If you are looking to explore the concept of World T20 betting, there are several top options for Indian bettors.  The number one reason for this is that they feel that the Indian cricket betting market is important to them.  How do I know this?  They are sports betting services that allow Indian Rupee deposits into Indian Rupee betting accounts with no currency exchange required.  That's correct, Indian Rupee Betting. This saves Indian bettors so much money on currency exchange fees and fluctuations.  All other reputable services require you to exchange your INR deposit in to Pounds, Euros, Dollars or other currencies.  This means losses of 3% to 5% of the value of your deposit or your withdrawn amount every time you exchange funds.  Why pay to exchange money when you can bet on the World T20 matches in your native currency?  It makes so much sense.  

Besides the idea of Indian Rupee betting, you want to sign up with a an online sportsbook that really cares about providing ICC World T20 matches with the attention it deserves.  In my research of over twenty international sports betting services, most of them treat the cricket in general as a peripheral attraction that is or not worthy of their time to create odds for matches.  Some sportsbooks don’t even bother to offer odds in big matches.  They just don’t understand the sport and they don’t care.  These sites below are different, not only do they care, cricket and ICC events play a massive part in their offerings with odds published well in advance of matches.  

All the sportsbooks below love fans of International Cricket and offer live betting while the match is being played.  If you prefer betting from your mobile phone they all offer a great experience.  You can’t really ask for more.  Or check out the best T20 world cup winner odds.

Best ICC World T20 Betting Sites For Fans in India  

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